Welcome to the Straight Talk BS blog.  This site will function as a forum to collect justifiable complaints against Straight Talk Wireless/Trac Phone Inc./Net 10/Safe Link Wireless: (America Movil) to pursue satisfaction of said complaints through legal action in the form of a Class Action Lawsuit.

Please leave a detailed comment and your contact info explaining your issue with the company.  As the amount of information grows, we will begin to confer with legal council and move forward with the appropriate legal action.

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I’m sure you are terribly frustrated, as am I.  The actions/inactions, and smug indifference of the customer service department, as well as untimely resolution of issues/complaints is intolerable.

Straight Talk/Trac Phone/Net 10/Safe Link Wireless are all subsidaries of America Movil a Mexican telecommunication company headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the fourth largest mobile network operator in terms of equity subscribers, one of the largest corporations in Latin America, and the world. America Movil is a Fortune 500 company. A venture of Carlos Slim, América Móvil provides services to over 215 million wireless subscribers in the Americas, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This highly successful company is clearly not serving their customers to the standard they represent.

If you agree and wish to do something to correct this injustice, please join us and we WILL reach a resolution!